Leo's Soap Worcester MA
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Leo's Soap Worcester MA
"The container takes up little space! I love the way it makes the clothes feel.  They feel much softer and no itching. LOVE it." 

-Terry, MA
"I love this laundry detergent.  It leaves my family's clothing, towels, sheets smelling fresh, soft and so clean.  I would recommend this product to everyone." 

-Alison, CA
"I use this on my laundry, dog beds, and carpets. Safe for pets.  Great Product!" 

-Dr. Roberts, MA
"I have children and lots of clothes to clean.  We have sensitive skin and allergies.  Met all of my expectations and very economical."  

-Tina, NH
"My husband and I love Leo's Soap, it's the best laundry detergent we have ever used."

-Karen, COL