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6 Reasons Leo's Soap is Perfect for Your B&B

by LEO DIGREGORIO on 03/03/15

One of the challenges of running a bed & breakfast is showing prospective guests the value of what they pay for. Now, I won’t say that a B&B’s choice of laundry detergent is ever the deciding factor, but choosing Leo’s Soap-- and making a note of it on your website-- can go further than you might think.

For a prospective guest, a bed & breakfast’s choosing Leo’s Soap says a few things.

  • Your B&B has done its research. It would be easy to just grab the first product in the laundry aisle, or order a bucket of the cheap stuff. The fact that you’ve chosen an all-natural hypoallergenic laundry detergent shows that you want the best for your guests, and you take your time to find out what the best is. This gives your potential guest a little more confidence in the overall value of your B&B.

  • People nowadays are becoming more and more environmentally friendly. These people travel, and prefer businesses who are also environmentally friendly. Choosing Leo’s Soap-- which is all natural--, and showing that on your website, shows these prospective guests that your bed & breakfast does what it can to be environmentally friendly.

  • Leo’s Soap is great for people with sensitive skin and/or allergies. Guests with allergies or sensitive skin who see that you have Leo’s Soap available at your B&B see it as a huge plus. They can stay at your bed & breakfast without needing to make special arrangements for their bedding and clothes washing needs. This is also nice for you, since you won’t have to make a special effort to accommodate these guests.

For you, the B&B owner, Leo’s Soap has a couple additional bonuses.

  • Leo’s Soap gets clothes and bedding so soft and fresh smelling that it entirely eliminates the need for fabric softener. That means one less product you have to keep in stock, and one less expense!

  • Leo’s Soap can also be used as a multi-purpose cleaner. An all-natural cleaner that you can use for most of your cleaning needs means less harsh chemical odors, fewer products to keep on hand, and faster cleaning. Most importantly, it means you don’t have to worry about accidentally mixing chemicals into potentially dangerous combinations.

  • These natural ingredients also help keep your pipes and washing machine clean of residue. The first few uses will actually clean your machine from all the built up chemical residue left from your old detergents!

As you can see, Leo’s soap offers a lot of value for a bed & breakfast, both to the guest and to the owner. Try out a container at your B&B.

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