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Green Cleaning

by LEO DIGREGORIO on 02/27/15

With Spring approaching, in less than 30 days, why not start preparing for it with Leo’s Soap? With our hypoallergenic soap, not only do you get an environmentally friendly laundry detergent, but you receive a multipurpose cleaner, as well. When you use our product over traditional cleaners, you are guaranteeing a safer environment for yourself and others around you.

Because most cleaners are made up of harsh chemicals, people are looking to use greener solutions. Here are some benefits of going green:

  •         Common cleaning products can cause burns to your skin and eyes because of chemicals in them.
  •         With environmentally friendly products comes a healthier home for you and your family. You no longer are breathing in or absorbing the chemicals that are in common cleaning products. Using green products can, also, decrease the chance of developing asthma.
  •         Using products with natural ingredients will help to decrease pollution and the impact we have on the ozone.
  •         After using a common cleaner, there is usually a strong smell of chemicals left in the air. Using a green cleaner will leave you with an enjoyable, natural aroma.

Go green and purchase your environmentally friendly cleaner today with Leo’s Soap!

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